Carrier system
Special machines

We produce

  • Bottle unscrambler ROTARY
  • Filling and capping machine RTM
  • Flow metering filling machine RFC
  • Rotary filling machine RFM
  • Computer controlled in-line filling machine RF Servo
  • Single-spindle capping machines
    GKV/GKV-Kombi and
    GKV/GKV-Kombi Servo Control
  • Rotary capping machines RLV
    and RLV Servo Control
  • Capping machine SYNCHRO
  • Capping robot CBM
  • Carrier conveyor systems
  • Special machines
  • Sorting equipments, elevator feeding devices and conveyor belts

About us

Mewes GmbH was established 30 years ago. Managing Director and company founder Gerhard Mewes talks with pride about a fully fledged team of highly qualified employers and the decision makers of the next generation, his daughter Antje Schröttke and her husband Jochen Schröttke.

Highly selected suppliers for outside manufactured components are a further guarantee for high quality machines, delivered on schedule from our own production facilities.

Mewes filling, capping and special maschines captured a market in the packaging industry and are well known in the entire world.

In spite of the increasing success, Mewes GmbH did not turn into anonymous big production plant. It’s top priority is still direct personal contact with the customers and individual high standard solutions where required.

Innovative ideas and development in the production ensure a flexible, fast and economic order handling.

Customer service means exactly what it stands for, which is real service to our customers, and not only in case of an emergency, but also related to advice, installation, start-up and guidance. The Mewes team is always available to solve your problems.

CNC mass-flow metering filling machine RFC
CNC volumetric metering filling machine RF Servo
CNC capping machine RLV Servo Control

Capping robot CBM